Business Plans & Financial Forecasts

Do you need a Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast to raise finance for your new business?
Are you a growing business looking to raise additional finance to expand your operations?
Are you in full control of your business or run into cash shortages unexpectedly?


Plan Ahead

Healthy cash flow is the backbone for a business’s survival. Calculating your business's operating cash flow is a vital tool used in determining the financial success and stability of your business.

Cash flow forecasts are integral for any business not only to avoid unexpected cash shortages and liquidity issues but also an important tool for a growing business wanting to take full control of the business’s success.

It shows how cash is expected to flow in and out of the business over a period of time and identifies any cash shortages where additional financing or cash injection may be required. It helps business owners and managers plan well in advance and avoid the dangers of falling into unexpected liquidity issues.

It also highlights any surplus cash in the business beyond what is required for the day-to-day running of the business. This helps business owners and managers utilise surplus cash by making informed decisions about short-term or long-term tax efficient investment opportunities that generates additional income for the business.

Business Loans

Banks and other lenders typically require a cash flow forecast depending on the type of loan before agreeing to lend money to identify whether the business is able to service its debts properly.

This is common for a start-up business and also for a growing business needing additional finance to expand its operation. A Business Plan is also required by lenders for a start-up business.

How We Can Help

Whatever your case, whether you’re looking to raise finance to start a new business, a growing business wanting to take full control of your cash flow or looking to raise additional finance to expend your operations, we can provide you with a tailored solution that meets your requirements and increases your chances of borrowing from external lenders.

We can help you with preparing a:

  • Business Plan that meets the lenders requirements
  • Twelve-month Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Three-way financial forecasts – a profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts
  • Rolling 12-month financial forecasts so you can always see 12-month ahead and make informed decisions at the right time to grow your business successfully

Ready to get started?

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