Cash Flow Forecasts

Planning ahead

Cash flow projections are integral part of the management reports for growing businesses wanting to control their cash flows. It shows how cash is expected to flow in and out of the business and highlights if there is a gap where capital investment may be required, either in the form of additional cash injection into the business by the owners or the need to raise finance. It allows management to plan well in advance to avoid the dangers of falling into liquidity issues by taking action on early signs.

Required by lenders

Sometimes, as part of a debt covenant, banks or other lenders may want to see cash flow projections of the business to identify how good the business is able to service its debt.

How we can help

Whatever your case, whether you’re required to present a cash flow forecast to an external lender or you just want to better control the cash flows of your growing business, get in touch with us today for expert help.

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