Cloud Accounting Software Set Up

The way forward

The world is changing rapidly in today’s digital era and accounting is no different. HMRC have already implemented Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT since April 2019 which means businesses with taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000) are required to keep business records for VAT purposes digitally and file VAT returns using MTD-compatible software.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to move your business to a cloud-based accounting system that will allow you to login to your secure online account from any smartphone, tablet or computer. You will have access to Real-Time Information and be able to manage your business on the go!

Real-time information

This Real-Time information at your fingertips is an invaluable asset to your business. It will provide you with key information you need to stay on top of your business and make informed decisions right when you need it.

Our expert help

We can fully transition your business from the existing accounting system to a cloud-based system including setting up and fully configuring your chart of accounts, moving all of your accounting and payroll data, setting up your customers, suppliers, open invoices and your contacts.

The best part is we only charge a one-off fee for the initial set up and configuration of the cloud accounting system. The ongoing monthly subscription to the cloud accounting software is provided to you completely free of charge.

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