Corporation Tax

Paying tax as a Company

Companies are liable to corporation tax and therefore required to register with HMRC. There are set deadlines companies must adhere to in filing the corporation tax return and pay any corporation tax due.

In addition to filing accounts with Companies House, companies are also required to prepare and submit their accounts to HMRC in support of the corporation tax return and the tax liability.

The Complexities

The complexities of a company’s accounts and corporation tax calculation depends on the nature and size of the entity. There are many allowable deductions and tax reliefs a company could be entitled to and therefore reduce its tax liability.

How we can help

We will complete and file your corporation tax return with HMRC on time and advise you of the corporation tax amount and the payment due date so you never have to worry about a late filing penalty.

We’ll look at all the legal avenues to ensure you claim all the deductions you’re entitled to so you don’t pay more than what you’re required to.

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